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Summit Rehearsal and Recording Studios Seeks Pasadena Talent

Anyone in the Pasadena, CA area can now enjoy the recording studios that Summit Rehearsal and Recording Studios offers. If you are ready to record your best album of music to share with the public, this is the place for you. If you feel like you need to be able to rehearse a little more, you can do it here. They offer 2000 square feet and 6 studios for you to choose from.

Each studio offers a unique style that is sure to take care of your needs. You'll find drum kits, guitar amps, the best PA systems and microphones to produce a quality recording. They can help you with your engineering, mixing and mastering. You'll be able to experience some of the best rehearsals and recordings ever.

The hourly price for rehearsals is so affordable and with all of the amenities included, you couldn't ask for a better studio. They offer full production, commercial audio which can include voiceover, podcasts and narration. You will also have use of the private restrooms and kitchen as well as the vaulted lounge. The studio equipment and gear list is simply overwhelming, they have everything that you are going to need to make your rehearsal or recording experience over the top.

Film and photography can also be done in style at Summit. Whether it's music videos, or promotions for an upcoming show, you are going to be able to make it happen in the best way. They have an awesome and talented team that can help you with all of your recording and rehearsal needs.

You are going to love the quality that Summit Studios offers. The space is large, making it easy and comfortable to take care of your business. They offer chairs and desks that are comfortable for you to work at. You'll even find that you can purchase snacks while there as well. The soundproofing system that they have is going to amaze you. Your instruments will sound the very best. A professional studio is going to always provide you with the best end results for your recordings. When you are looking for a quality recording, you will find it at Summit.

Booking one of the suites for your rehearsals or recordings is so easy. You only need to book 24 hours in advance. Set up and tear down are included in your booking. Free street parking is always available as well. Book now to make your recording, video or rehearsal the best you have ever had.

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